Open a new document:                                                                                      Top

Type the words "I am a student at Lubbock High School" into the blank document:

Save the document:                                                        Top

Save with the filename First Document in the default drive (Drive C, My Documents):

Print your document in portrait:                                                    Top

To select Portrait:

Change the font, font color and font size from the default of New Times Roman 12pt to Comic Sans MS 14pt blue

Your typed text should look like the picture below                            Top

Center your sentence:

Right align your sentence:                                                                Top

Save your work and close the document

Retrieve your document:

Rename the document to "Second Document"

Edit the text by changing the alignment to left:                                        Top

Change the font to Arial:

Text Box: Highlight the text

Change the font color to black:                                                        Top

Add bold, italics and underline to the text:

Click outside of the text to see the final product                                    Top

Save the document:

Close the document:                                                                        Top

Exit Microsoft Word:

Another way to close: