A visitor asked a West Texas cowboy, "Do you ever get tornadoes out here?" The cowboy replied, "Yeah, we had one a while back, but it ran into a sandstorm outside of town and got ripped to pieces."

    A visitor asked a West Texas cowboy, "Doesn't it ever rain out here?"The cowboy replied, "Sure. There was a half-inch of rain a couple of weeks ago just a few miles north of here, but I was too busy and couldn't go."

    The wind blows so hard out in West Texas that at a drive-in theater it once blew Gene Autry right out of the saddle.

    A little brown hen once got caught in a West Texas sandstorm. She was flying through the air backward so fast that she laid the same egg three times.

    It was so windy that prairie dogs were digging holes 40 feet in the air.

    It was so dry that the Baptists were sprinkling, the Methodists were spitting, and the Catholics were giving rain checks.

    It was so hot that I saw a roadrunner pull a worm out of the ground using pot holders.

    It was so cold that a farmer threw a dipperful of water and it froze in midair and knocked a pup unconscious.

    A visitor to Amarillo asked a local rancher, "How do you stand the wind blowing every single day?"  The rancher said, "You just have to get used to it - learn to lean into it. In fact, one day last fall the wind stopped blowing all of a sudden, and all the chickens in the panhandle plumb fell over."

    During a period of heavy sandstorms, a rancher visited his banker and applied for a loan. The banker warned him, "I'll have to come out and inspect the property first." The rancher replied, "That won't be necessary. Here it comes now."

    Yankee: "Does the wind blow this way all the time?" Texan: "No, sometimes it blows the other way.