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  Byron is teaching the Equal Employment Opportunity Refresher course.  Notice the large projector screen in the background.  The projector is mounted to the ceiling with a remote control.  We have a laptop on the instructor's table.  We also have a VCR on the instructor's table with a remote control. Our department provides all of the necessary and newest equipment for our volunteer trainers. 
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  Our training room can accommodate 36 participants.  We have windows on two sides of the room giving an excellent view of Texas Tech.  We have two types of overhead lighting.  The full lighting for discussions.  Spotlight lighting to watch a PowerPoint presentation or video.  Behind the pull down video projector screen is a writing board.  We have three flip charts throughout the room.
Picture #9--a picture with 2 or three main picture elements (classroom, participants, instructor)
  Our department not only trains staff and faculty of Texas Tech, but also hosts the monthly Texas Tech New Employee Welcoming Event.  The folders that Otto Ratheal is holding are given to the attending participants.  The Welcoming Event is intended to introduce the President, the Provost and Directors of TTU to new staff and faculty.  Breakfast is served; door prizes are awarded; and speeches are given.  Some departments set up booths in order to give out their brochures and goodies.
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  We use cups with pens, pencils and markers along with toys and candy.  The baseball in the picture is actually a stress ball.  The toys are used in instruction and for stress relievers.  The candy is given as a well deserved treat.  Many of our note taking guides, also known as Mind Maps, are used as coloring books by the participants.  Color, shapes, graphics and words are used for training purposes.
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  Our training room has three flipcharts.  This particular one was used in Van Safety Training class to discuss what should be considered when driving a 15 Passenger Van at night.
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  In our Serviceplus class, Service Within:  The Texas Tech Vision, the facilitator plays a game called jeopardy.  The jeopardy music is played while the facilitator asks questions of the participants.  Once the participant responds, the facilitator removes the top colored sheet in order to reveal the answer to the question. 
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  Besides teaching customer service classes, time management classes are taught.  Seven Habits of Highly Effective People is a time management course taught by Otto Ratheal.  The picture to the left is a puzzle awarded him by the Covey Corporation for successfully completing training as a Covey facilitator.  
Picture #18--a picture that is deliberately overexposed
  Our department also provides a library of training magazines and books that may be borrowed by staff and faculty of TTU.  Rajesh, our Engineering graduate student, is creating an online library for our website. 
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