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Our offices are located in the Bank of America Building on the corner of 19th and University.  The building belongs to Texas Tech and the property is now called TTU Plaza. 
Picture #2--A wide shot of the same subject used for Picture #1
  The TTU Plaza offers parking accessibility that is not available on the Texas Tech campus.  Participants do not need parking permits nor need to pay to park.
Picture #1--A medium shot
This is the main entrance to the Bank of America Building
Picture #3--A close up of the same subject used for #1
  This is a night view of the bank
Picture #20--An available light time exposure taken at night
The corner of University and 19th Street is an extremely busy intersection.
Picture #16--An action shot at ISO400
  Even though QSPD is located off of the Texas Tech campus, we still can drop by to look at the beautiful statutes located throughout the campus
Picture #19--Deliberately underexposed
This beautiful statute and waterfall are at the entrance to TTU off of University and Broadway.
Picture #14--A picture showing great depth of field
  One will find many bicyclists on the TTU campus racing from one class to another.  This bicyclist is racing off of campus.
Picture #17--An action shot not frozen
Home Training Staff